Why InspireXT

Your customers want more, can you deliver?

Your customers’ expectations are changing.

Gone are the days of limited access to information, traditional buying behaviours and cycles, and buyers willing to wait weeks for their orders.

Consumers are living in the age of an abundance of information. Product research is a mere click away, leading to informed customers who know exactly what they want and when they want it.

With the rise of the e-commerce era, online shopping has become the norm. So has expectations for faster fulfilment, real-time tracking, and self-serve capabilities. Your customers want to be able to interact with their orders, change their delivery dates, and own the process in ways that were unimaginable 10 or even 5 years ago.

For those choosing to shop at a brick-and-mortar store, their journey usually starts online, and should seamlessly transition offline. These retail trends have become relevant
references in business-to-business commerce, but few companies are able to offer such experiences.

What is more, personalisation is no longer a perk, it is an expectation, regardless of the channels you engage your customers.

Customer expectations

Change or be

As the supply chain continues to change at a rapid pace, standing still is no longer an option.

Companies that cannot keep up with evolving customer demand cannot — and would not — survive.

The simple truth is that your competitors are currently going through profound digital transformations to meet their consumer’s needs. If you are not constantly innovating, you will get left behind.

The road to increased growth is lined with efficient business processes

You need to be agile, but you cannot meet rapidly changing customer expectations with siloed, rigid, inefficient systems. Here is why:

Your business systems are outdated or not designed to work together

Older systems likely do not have automation capabilities & real-time data sharing. This means people are spending too much time on low-level tasks instead of entirely focusing on improving customer experience. It also means higher costs and inefficient processes.

Your employees do not have easy access to key supply chain data

Without end-to-end visibility into your supply chain, your team can not make informed decisions and properly manage inventory, orders, and shipments. This puts your company at risk for over-ordering inventory or running out of product.

Your business processes are not agile enough in adopting market changes quickly

If customer demand changes rapidly & suddenly, would you be able to deliver? Without a connected system that enables easy information sharing, the answer is probably not.

Your analytics do not drive insights and lack decision capabilities

The reality is, if demand did change, you likely would not hear about it until too late. Without a sustainable analytics system, you are unable to predict what products your consumers will want next year, next quarter, or even next month.

You are facing compliance risks, but technology landscape is unforgiving

While this is especially worrying for industries with changing compliance expectations, all markets benefit from clear legal and compliance systems. Modern cloud-based platforms allow companies to seamlessly track and meet compliance needs.

Embracing the Customer-Centric Supply Chain

While traditional Supply Chains have been a fixture in your industry, a Customer-Centric Supply Chain will allow your business to pivot quickly and meet changing consumer needs.

This innovative business strategy places the customer at the core of the supply chain. All systems, business practices and operational guidelines are created to optimise the customer experience and meet consumer expectations.

A true Customer-Centric Supply Chain:

Why make the change?

Evolving your supply chain from the traditional structure to a customer-centric model is a significant investment. Here is why it is worth it:

For your customers:

Build an offer a better consumer experience through personalisation

By designing your supply chain around your customer, you will be able to customise each step in the shopping process, including tailored product recommendations and bespoke promotions.

Enable faster order fulfilment and seamless purchase tracking

Your customers expect fast shipping. A customer-centric supply chain will allow you to process orders quickly and meet those expectations. This type of supply chain also allows customers to track their purchases and access real- time data.

Create a smooth transition from online to offline shopping

You will be able to offer consumers a fluid shopping experience, allowing them to easily switch from online to mobile to in-store shopping.

Provide reliable, consistent service

With a customer-centric supply chain, it’s easier to ensure your products are always available, eliminating any stockouts or delays.

Empower a more efficient returns process

The customer experience does not always end when they buy your product. A modern supply chain allows for easier returns and exchanges without any hassle.

All of this leads to one thing - A superior customer experience.

For your business:

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction

By improving the customer experience, you will create a legion of loyal, satisfied customers willing to choose your company every time.

Respond to customer needs faster

Agility matters. With a smooth, customer-centric supply chain, your organisation can quickly react to customer demands and market changes.

Anticipate changing customer behaviour and adapt to market trends

A connected, customer-centric system helps your team better understand customer behaviour, allowing for enhanced demand forecasting and the ability to understand and adjust to market trends - before your competitors.

Optimise inventory management and reduce lead times

By understanding and predicting customer demand, you will be able to avoid any financial pitfalls that come with inventory mistakes. You will also increase your time to market by using more efficient processes.

By optimising your business processes, you will turn one-time customers into loyal consumers, increasing long-term profits.

Higher profits, loyal customers, a smoother supply chain

We can help you get there

Through InspireXT’s Connected Solution.

What is it:

In simple terms, it is a solution that enables your front office and supply chain systems to work in harmony, embedding the latest AI, IoT & automation capabilities. As a result, you will have a unified view of your optimised value chain.

How it works:

InspireXT’s Connected Experience is the solution that empowers organisations to provide customers with a real-time view of inventory, optimise stock levels, fulfill orders with proactive updates, and incorporate valuable customer feedback into the product value chain process model. 

Solid experience and a collaborative approach: how InspireXT stands apart

Switching from a traditional supply chain to a customer-centric one does not happen overnight. Our team has the experience and industry knowledge needed to guide your business through essential technological and systematic changes.

Here is what we offer:

We are in it for the long haul.

As a customer-centric business ourselves, we prefer to build trusting, long-term relationships with our clients, becoming an extension of your team.

We have done this before.

We know the pitfalls and how to leverage the best of the solutions whilst preserving your core requirements. This comes from our deep experience in delivering end-to-end customer, supply chain and manufacturing transformations for cross industry clients of all shapes and sizes.

We are experts in Oracle and Salesforce implementations.

We have guided a variety of clients through the implementation and adoption of enterprise technology. We are skilled in leveraging these cloud-based applications and platforms to streamline and strengthen business processes.

We are consultants first.

InspireXT works with your team to understand your needs and drive profound, systemic change customised for each unique business.

But we are not afraid to take a stand.

We have decades of experience, which leads to strong opinions on the best ways to encourage long-term success. We will also put our money where our mouth is and show you how the solution will deliver your specific requirements.

We support our teams to do their best.

And we hold them accountable for their work.

Take the first step towards a brighter future.

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