Connected Shopfloor

Transform your shopfloor into a Digital Shopfloor, connect with ERP and CRM systems, and accelerate your journey to becoming a sustainability champion. 

Gain insights about vital production performance, efficiency, and quality.  Go a step further by offering production insights to your customers.

Monitoring production progress, work completion, rework, return, and quality data are essential to manufacturing. Still, actionable insights can be divided into the machine, work-centre, production line, and plant-level critical visibility and actions. Take actions to improve the product quality and equipment effectiveness and increase the throughput of the production lines. 

Connected Shopfloor Solution:

InspireXT’s IoT Platform

InspireXT’s IoT Platform is a single unified system for all connected assets and operations. Our ‘Connected Shopfloor’ or ‘PlantConnect Platform’ leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to eliminate siloed systems in favour of optimised streamlined processes to allow greater agility and stronger collaboration. This approach enables pharma companies to innovate and manufacture high-quality products and meet customer demands in a cost-efficient and safe way. 

Solution components

How does Connected Shopfloor benefit our clients

Our Connected Shopfloor solution goes beyond the traditional IOT solutions. It harnesses the power of CRM and ERP applications, aligns your operations to demand, and offers enhanced customer services.

Use cases

Real-Time & Fact-Based Production Data Integration

Enhancing operational performance monitoring, financial, and material planning requires real-time data posting to ERP. Utilising dashboards and seamless reporting is essential for driving improvements in these areas.

Dynamic Production Planning

The need for flexibility with shorter fulfilment lead times arises from dynamic requirements, changing production plans due to new customer demands, and unforeseen shopfloor incidents such as machine breakdowns, operator availability, accidents, etc.

Optimum Utilisation of Resources (Man/Machine/ Money)

Real-time seamless reporting with high data accuracy and analytics helps to optimise key parameters such as energy consumption, workforce management, man hours, and OEE for preventive and proactive asset management, including maintenance and downtime management.

EHS Guideline Compliance & Storage Safety Monitoring

Lack of remote visibility and control & manual control of safety parameters make it difficult to adhere to EHS and safe storage standards.

Regulatory & Compliance Requirement

Efficiently assess raw materials and enforce quality control measures to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. The Connected Shopfloor solution not only enhances the evaluation of raw materials but also serves as a robust safeguard against legal, penal, and financial liabilities arising from defective or sub-standard products and services. This integrated approach ensures comprehensive risk mitigation throughout the production process.

Quality Assurance & Consistent Batch Quality

Wide discrepancies in production quality result from the dependence on intricate variables and the absence of comprehensive process control and optimisation strategies.

Bi-Directional Control with Equipment

Development of error-free systems (poka-yoke) and passing decisions from analytics to control process parameters helps in process optimisation at each work centre.

End-to-End Manufacturing Visibility

Management's decision-making is hindered by a lack of transparency in critical equipment operations. IoT-enabled layered integration bridges the gap between the shop floor and the top floor, enabling prompt decision-making and real-time control of numerous parameters by executives.

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